About Us



At Al-Amin Education Centre, we believe that every child is competent and an eager learner. Our philosophy was found with the belief that children should be given a head start in achieving Quranic Literacy, therefore learning basic Islamic Religious Knowledge as guidance hence becoming a better Muslim. A part of what we do is teaching with the Montessori approach, encouraging students to use their senses to explore the uniqueness of Quranic letter formations. Together with the loving attention from our teachers, this activity based lesson enhances their learning journey in a fun and meaningful way. We are committed to creating a nurturing environment that encourages children to learn through hands-on, interactive exploration. Our thematic, project and play-based approach encompasses a child-centred, teacher guided- curriculum whereby children are encouraged to construct their own knowledge. We offer a unique curriculum which covers Language and Literacy, Cognitive and Creative Expressions, Sensory and Motor Skills, and Social and Emotional Well-Being.


Al-Amin Education Centre endeavour to be the regional leading centre of excellence as provider certainly creative and joyful pre-school learning programmes to lead young children to fulfill their full potential in learning.


Above all we provide a learning environment that supports children to develop skills necessary to construct their own knowledge and prepare them for their next school environment. With a combination of an excellent program with passionate teachers and students, we believe that every child is able to learn and read in their early years.


About Al-amin education Centre

At Al-Amin Education Centre, our kindergarten teachers are required to be trained in early childhood education. The extent of training and qualification depends on the teachers’ level of responsibilities. Our curriculum comprises a balanced of thematic, project and play based that are creatively designed. We feature an outstanding and latest engaging programme which is a balanced combination of academic and Islamic curriculum.

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