About Our Curriculum

As one of the leading Singapore’s Kindergarten, we see our role as providing, in partnership with parents/careers, an environment that promotes optimum physical, cognitive, emotional, social, moral and spiritual development.

Our Preschool curriculum comprises a balanced of thematic, project and play based that are creatively designed. We feature an outstanding and latest engaging programme which is a balanced combination of academic and Islamic curriculum.
What will your children learn?

  •  Fun with Reading and Writing (Language & Literacy)
  •  Fun with Numbers (Numeracy)
  •  Discovery Science
  •  Creative Arts and Fitness Fun (Exercise)
  •  Introduction to Quranic Recitation
  •  Arabic Language
  •  Hadiths
  •  Recitation of Daily Doas
  •  Memorisation of Surahs and Surah Yassin

Medium of instruction is English in addition to Malay (mother tongue) and Arabic as subjects.